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Born in the city of Bern (CH) Anna Pieri Zuercher grew up in a multicultural family, with an Italian mother and a Swiss German father. Actress and pianist by profession, she switches back and forth between film, television, theatre and music. She is fluent and performs in French, Italian and German, and that's one of the reasons for her successful international career. 


In 2019 Anna Pieri Zuercher won the Prix Swissperform for best lead actress as Nina Favre in "Double Vie", a TV show directed by Bruno Deville.

On screen, alongside Marina Hands and Sofiane Zermani, she has been seen in "Hors Saison", a Franco-Swiss co-production directed by Pierre Monnard; together with François Berléan in "Last Dance", a feature film by Delphine Lehericey; in the series "Alter Ego" alongside Gian Marco Tognazzi; in "Neumatt", directed by Andrea Staka and Christian Johannes Koch; in "Station-Horizon" a TV show directed by Pierre-Adrian Irlé and Romain Graf; "Il vicino tranquillo" by Fulvio Bernasconi; "Break-ups" by Ted Tremper;  "Anomalia" by Pierre Monnard; and "Paul s’en va" by Alain Tanner. 

Since 2019, Anna has been shooting the series Tatort in Zürich, in which she plays the protagonist role of investigator Isabelle Grandjean. This is the oldest and most popular crime drama TV series currently broadcast in German- speaking countries. It is watched every week by around 10 million people.

Anna is currently preparing the next episode of "Tatort", directed by Tobias Ineichen. She is also working on several projects as a director/screenwriter.

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